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Friendly Church at the Crossroads

Why the Friendly Church at the Crossroads?
And what does it mean to me?

For over forty years, Bethany has been a presence at the crossroads of Hicks and Hurt Roads in Cobb County. In Atlanta, members called the church, “A Friendly Church in a Friendly Community;” however the neighborhood changed and people began to move. Members also began to dream of moving the church and when the site in Cobb County was purchased, everyone was excited to move to what some called “the promised land.”

A new church in a new location, needed a new identity, but members still felt that Bethany was truly a community church as it had been in Grove Park. As the church reached out into the new community, Bethany became know as the “Church at the Crossroads” or more often, the “Friendly Church at the Crossroads.” We believe that much of the spirit of love and community that has been so much a part of Bethany since its founding in 1915 continues today as we carry out the ministry of spreading the light of Christ.

We all believe that it is imperative that we reach out beyond our wall to our neighbors in friendship and love. Bethany is reaching out to others through missions such as Habitat, our work with MUST, our Youth mission activities and mission trips such as previous ones to Belize, Alaska, and the Bahamas. We have an active United Methodist Men’s group that does work both in our community and numerous other places like Mountain Top Boys Home and Camp Glisson. Our UMW emphasizes missions in each of the Circles. Our children and youth regularly visit area assisted living facilities. Transportation from some area assisted living facilities is available for worship. Each summer our Vacation Bible School welcomes children from the community to learn about Christ and the Bible. Recently, seeing the need with a growing Hispanic community, Bethany offered a basic Spanish course to our members to help them communicate with our Hispanic neighbors better.

Join us for worship, Bible study and fellowship. The Friendly Church at the Crossroads welcomes you to become a part of our church family and to help us continue the ministry that this church began almost ninety-five years ago. Embracing the future, while learning from the past, we work to continue spreading the light of Christ.